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Pet Food Industry and Pet Population Control?

“Is the Pet Food Industry in the Business of Population Control?”

By Dogtor J

This is the title of one of my first articles…after I discovered the truth about the ingredients in pet food. Does that question seem like a totally absurd notion? Is it possible that the manufacturers of our pet’s food are so out of touch with the animal’s nutritional requirements that they make their formulary blunders by accident ? After studying the effects of gluten, dairy, soy, and corn on the health of people and their pets for the past seven years and reading what researchers have known for years, I have come to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong in Mudville.

After this incredible pet food recall story, any pet owner with a functional brain has to be questioning why we feed dogs and cats the way we do. Notice that I did not include veterinarians in that last sentence. I am afraid that we have been too thoroughly programmed to look at this situation with the eyes of a child. And once again, I cannot throw stones here but simply make a point. When asked what to feed, I used to parrot back what we have all been led to believe: “Just stick with a good, name brand of pet food and stay away from the generic brands, especially those that spell it ‘Dog Fude’. Haha. And, do not add table food to your pet’s commercial diets because that will simply unbalance the formula that the pet food manufacturers have worked sooo hard to get right over their years and years of research and manufacturing.” Oh, how I hang my head in shame now that I know differently.

I have had this discussion with countless clients over the past 28 years of practice. It has only been the last seven that I have been awake to the reality of just how unscientifically these foods are formulated and produced. All one has to do is look at the ingredient list and compare it to what we know these pets would consume in the wild. It helps to know the history of what man has done to the grains and other ingredients that make them even more unnatural and harmful.

All of the grains are man-made, man-raised crops that we have cultivated for human consumption starting very early in our agricultural history. People love to point out that man ate wheat and drank milk in Biblical times so these things must be good and healthy. Even well-intentioned, Scripture-oriented books make this statement. But they leave out two very key points: The wheat we consume now is no longer “God’s wheat” and the milk we drink is no longer “God’s milk”. The original wheat was “pure in its generations” (no hybrids) and contained 4-5% gluten. This was changed forever by our Northern Germanic ancestors in the mid 400’s A.D. when they blended two other plants to “God’s wheat”, creating a hybrid and one that contained much more gluten, so much more that they were stricken with “coeliac disease” (gluten intolerance). This is historical fact. It is that new wheat, which we term “common wheat”, that became the ancestor of today’s wheat, which now contains as much as 55% gluten, a far cry from the 5% found in original wheat. Plus, our wheat is no longer pure in its generations, as it has become a mutant blend of multiple plants that man has continued to manipulate, especially in the recent past.

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3 Responses to “Pet Food Industry and Pet Population Control?”
  1. Leslie says:

    Hello John,
    What a great idea to go blogging…This is my first time,not sure how this will turn out but here goes..
    I just finished reading your Is the Pet Food Industry in the Business of Population Control ? This was awesome..
    My personal take on this, is it is all about the Money…if you put out a fairly decient product, full of big 4s, at some point that person will have to take that pet to you , the vet…if you are just a vet, with just reg. knowledge, I will say, you will treat that pet accordingly…the first guy with the fairly decient food, just sent your pet to the vet, because the first item in the list of ingreedients was corn…I have a cat, the first ingredient should be meat.
    .I see this all the time in the human world too..I have spoken to my pharmist, he clearly tells me he was not trained in supplements, has no idea what they do…My very own doctor, will not address anything having to do with supplements, even vitiamns, although each time I go in, I hand her a list of all the things I am on herb and supplement wise and the whys I am on them…
    Why is there no cure for cancer? You clearly write,in your paper on Cancer we all have cancer cells in our body.So what feeds these cells to go all hey wire?? It is surely what we eat..After losing a child to Leukiemia almost 15 years ago, it is heart wreanching to read this kind of thing and think, I could have done more…I know GOD knew and knows all about it, and I am not brooding over this,but this kind of information was not made available upon her diagonis, nor was it over the many years she delt with it…I had never seen the inside of a healthfood store before, I had no idea what Organic ment.I do remember seeing the book by Frank Oski, Don’t Drink Your Milk, he was right there in John’s Hopkins hospital when my child was being treated, but I saw no information that would lead me down another road, nor did anyone come and say, hey we would like to give you this book…They handed us a Hospital menu….we all know what is on the hospital menu..I know my child drank milk, it was the right thing to do, it is what my mother did for me. who knew she was drinking all kinds of antibiotics and hormones….I surlely did not..
    Cancer, after my own reacherch, can surely be cured, this I know for a fact, and I have made it my mission to tell others there is another way…you have a choice… You have a choice in your own health care, your childs, and your pets…
    If you go along with what the government tells you, and what the advertisements tell you,and use the coupons for McDonalds,and Hardees,and keep buying the milk at $7.00 agallon, you will surely be making money for these companies and the sister is all about the money, who will get it, how will they get it, how can they get a cut of it…
    do you know that the samples they give out in the doctors office are the highest price drugs, so that when you feel great on this new drug, you can go and get the prescription filled, only to find out your insurance does not cover this and you have spent anywhere between $100.00 -$200.00 or more all because you took the samples..I am convinced the doctor gets a kick back when you fill that prescription…And does anyone ever read those list of possible side effects? I have a girl at work that is to afraid to read them in fear it may put the wrong thoughts in her head…OH PLEASE !!!..
    2 Chronicles 7:14 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    If my people….God placed all things on this earth for our health, he wants us to be healthy..Man for money sake, to preserve the self life longer, has alterd what GOD put for for us to be and keep alive..How in the world did some men of old live to be over 100,200, 900 years was not from eating antibiotics and hormones that is for sure..
    Some people are igornant, some people don’t want to know, some people don’t care to know…this greaves me…I will tell anyone who is willing to listen,there is another way..Thank you again John, for your love of GOD first, then for our pets, and for us people who truely love our pets..You have made a difference in my life, I will contine to read all that you write, and will continue to pass on this information..
    OOOPs…I think I wrote a novel…sorry..Leslie in Roanoke, VA

  2. Dogtor J says:

    Thanks again, Leslie. It’s always great to chat with someone who truly gets it. Now go forth and conquer! :)

  3. Lorraine says:

    Dogtor J,
    I gave up commercial dog foods for Abbey after Canidae Grain Free failed her. I now cook for her. I have found out that her system does not tolerate rice, chicken, potatoes. I brown ground beef and use a combination of fresh veggies of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and green beans. She loves to eat it. It is not cheap to cook for her, but she’s looking and acting great.

    I read somewhere here that you believe that supplements should be given as well. Could you elaborate on which ones and the dosage for a 16 pound schnauzer girl?


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