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The Raw Diet

This area was just established on January 2, 2003 following the distribution of numerous Emails to breeders concerning my success with controlling epilepsy through diet. Suddenly the Emails started pouring in concerning the health benefits of the raw diet, many stating their concern that I was pushing commercial diets when raw was clearly a better alternative. I explain this apparent conflict in numerous places on my site, reminding these readers that the vast majority of veterinary clients won’t even go to the pet shop for better foods, much less “go the trouble” of feeding a raw diet. But for those who will take this beneficial step, this section is under construction for you. :):):)

The Truth About the Ingredients in Pet Food – This article is something I just put together after a week of discussing this subject matter with clients. Their reactions compelled me to put it all in writing. I hope this helps and motivates change. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who has pets. It can be the difference between a pet living to be 5 or 25.

Dogs are Carnivores by Jeannie Thomason. This is a well-written article by one of the cohosts of Animal Talk Naturally, a terrific Internet radio show on which I have had the privilege of being a guest. In this paper, Jeannie explains the rationale behind as well as the health benefits of feeding raw. Thanks for the great contribution!

Links to Raw Diet Websites Here is a growing list of sites dealing with the feeding of raw and home-cooked diets to our pets. Feel free to send any of your favorite links to me for posting in this section.

Your Emails – Here are a few of your Emails concerning raw feeding. Keep ’em comin’!

The Raw Diet

This section was just established on January 2, 2003 following the distribution of numerous Emails to breeders concerning my success with controlling epilepsy through diet.

The Emails started pouring in concerning the health benefits of the raw diet. Many of the responders had mixed reactions to what they found on this site. However, the only real problem was that I wrote about the problems with commercial pet foods and then turned around and recommended more commercial diets rather than suggesting the raw diet.

First of all, let me say that I agree with those who feel that a raw, natural diet for dogs and cats is a healthier alternative to commercial kibble and canned foods in general. As I say in the following Email, there are no BBQ grills out there in the wild. And as most can easily tell from my writing, I am very much into the “back to nature” approach. However, getting my clients to feed a raw, homemade diet to a horribly allergic 150 pound Rottweiler is a real trick, I can guarantee that. I have my hands full just getting them to stop stuffing them with pizza and donuts or prodding them into going to the pet shop for food rather than the grocery store.

Also, I am a bit concerned about the potential health hazards of feeding a raw diet the way some advocate. We must remember that the cat, for example, eats birds, squirrels, rabbits, and rodents that were alive just before they succumbed to the cat. This is a good bit different than feeding them chicken, beef, and fish that has been processed and handled by man. I hate to remind us that the conditions under which these foods are handled can be less than ideal, as evidenced by the cases of E.coli and Salmonellosis that occasionally strike us and our pets. I simply ask that those who choose to feed this way remain aware of these potential dangers and use good judgment.

I feel that some of the main benefits of the “raw diets” are that they are elimination diets that often match my own. In other words, many of the proponents of this manner of feeding also speak out against grains, dairy, and soy. Therefore, I could believe that the principle health benefits of these diets come from getting rid of these gut-damaging allergens more than simply the raw nature of the food.

A good compromise would be to cook the meats but feed the fruits and vegetables raw. This would deal with the safety issues that have been raised but keep the more delicate vitamins and minerals of the vegetables intact. But whatever you do, keep all of these foods out of the microwave. As you may have read on this site or on others, microwave cooking absolutely destroys the nutritional value of most food. The high heat generated by this method of cooking both decimates vitamins and creates carcinogens by denaturing proteins. We would all be better off by tossing out our beloved microwaves. Trust me…I know how hard this is. It is probably the most difficult aspect of the new diet guidelines I try to keep for myself. But, if you need proof or motivation, just do a little Internet research. Once again, Dr. Mercola ( has much to say about this (unsettling) topic.

But, I am very interested in this idea of raw and natural diets for the pet and want to provide the information to interested parties. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate a page of this site just for that concept.

However, here’s the deal.(smile). YOU get to write it. I am going to be swamped with just getting my main message out to the public so I plan to take what YOU write and publish it on my site. This will be YOUR area, complete with links to your sites and your recipes.

For example, one of my first Emails was from a breeder who was well-informed about nutrition and stated that what I was saying was nothing new. I totally agreed, except perhaps for some of the fine details of the medical aspects of food intolerance as it applies to animal health. She mentioned one of the pioneers of the idea of raw food feeding, Dr. Billinghurst. He created the BARF diet…biologically appropriate raw food. Great name.

Dr. Billinghurst has established a fabulous site and provides a dry food that incorporates the principles of feeding raw foods while eliminating the problem foods. His formulations are in line with everything that I have written on this site. His site can be accessed here ( He has clearly been into this concept for much longer than I have and I am the first to admit that.

I want to make this very clear at this point. There are numerous people out there who know what I know, what Dr. Billinghurst knows. The problem I have run into is that nobody I know seems to know this. The word has not gotten out to the public very well. That is why I tapped into breeders as a resource. There are not many groups of people more dedicated to excellence (nor more passionate…smile) than breeders. They have the motivation, dedication, and most times the knowledge to take concepts like these and run with them. Again, the testimonies have been very impressive thus far.

That is why I have created this page for your input. I think this will be an exciting addition to I hope that you are as passionate about this concept of food-related health problems as I am and will be willing to help out. If I haven’t gotten you turned on to the importance of this idea, then I haven’t done my job…yet.

To start, here is my response to the first Email I received. Please pardon any air of cynicism. I am really working hard on that. I know how hard it is for people to change their routine. When I first graduated, I asked my clients “What do you mean you can’t give your cat two pills three times a day?” Hmmm… Rank inexperience on my part, eh? Now that I have done this for 23 years and actually have a life of my own, I know how hard and slow change comes. I have become a realist.

But, sometimes I do get a bit frustrated when I know deep down inside that a particular pet or person could be helped phenomenally if they would just understand and do what needs to be done. But, like I said, I am a realist. A very optimistic realist, but I know that the path is narrow in some areas.

Please visit Dr. Billinghurst’s site at and see what someone else, a leader in this industry, has done. It is very impressive. Best of all, he is right.

NOW, get to work and send me more information and feedback on the raw diet.(Smile)

Dogtor J.

Just Desserts

These are little tidbits of knowledge I’ve discovered or insights I’ve gained over the years while doing my in-depth studies.For example, did you know researchers have found that nearly 40% of the genetic information in our DNA is viral information? This explains what we call “genetic diseases” including familial and breed tendencies toward food intolerance (e.g. celiac disease), neurological disorders (e.g. epilepsy), and numerous cancers.

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Blogtor J

Welcome to the blog of the new New research into the origin of our medical woes has revealed something startling: As it turns out, we are our own worst enemy. Yes, the Pogo quote of yesteryear found in the title of this article is quite accurate when applied to our medical lives. We love to discuss those things that we call “causes” of diseases even though we often have little clue as to how these things really cause illness. Even medical professionals can have difficulty grasping the true cause-and-effect. But that is understandable once some insight is gained into the true nature of medical training.

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News Flash!

In this section, I will be placing links to the latest breaking news in the food world, including updates on the use of elimination diets to control disease, articles on pet food, the truth about GMO foods and more. I will do my best to balance the bad with the good, but try to remember: Much of this will seem like bad news but at least we know about it now…and can change it!


With some of these stories, I will include a link to a blog entry so that you can comment on the article. This idea came to me after reading the first entry, which is a news flash that made my blood boil.

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Something to Chew On

What is the “Leaky Gut”?
The “leaky gut syndrome” is the root of many medical evils once the “big 4” induce it. Read how Italians have survived being a pasta-based society.

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Hip Dysplasia – “Genetics” vs. Diet

As misconceptions go, this is a high-priority item. Hip dysplasia is not what we were taught.

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Epilepsy and Diet

I have been studying “idiopathic epilepsy” extensively since April of 2000. Guess what? It’s not idiopathic anymore. A diet change can cure it!

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The Truth About Pet Food

Dogs and cats are carnivores yet most pet foods are grain-based. Knowing how to read a label is also very important. Does your pet food really have vegetables in it? Really???

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How to Control Epilepsy Naturally

I have been successfully treating pets with epilepsy using diet changes alone for nearly 10 years. The results have been astounding. This paper helps to summarize my findings and recommendations.

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We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

This is the first blog placed on (6-24-07) and pretty much covers the gamut of topics – from heartburn to cancer – that are discussed on this Website. The bottom line? Viruses and bacteria are not the enemy. We are! The good news: We do have our health destinies in our own hands.

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Gluten Intolerance and Your Pet

This paper is an article I wrote for the newsletter of when asked about the prevalence of celiac disease (gluten intolerance) in the dog and cat. This condition has been definitively diagnosed in the Irish Setter but not many other breeds of dogs. I will not be at all surprised when we find that it does exist in numerous other breeds… and even the lovable mutt…but as this article explains, that may very well be a moot point. Gluten is only the beginning.

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The Answer

This 40-plus page paper is my first major paper, written in 2001 and hurriedly placed on this site on that fateful and tragic day of 9-11. It represents the culmination of nearly two years of research on the subject of food-related disorders and contains an amazing amount of facts that have been hidden from public view concerning this subject. It covers how the “big 4” trouble foods- gluten, dairy, soy and corn- came into being, catapulted into common usage, and became directly involved in most of our serious medical conditions, including epilepsy, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, ADHD, pain syndromes, depression, and allergies. Severe immune-mediated diseases such as diabetes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis are also covered.


Yes, it is quite long, but it appeared on my computer screen and was placed onto the Web just as it came out of my head. And it is wordy in places. But, as I tell my clients, “There is no law that you have to read it all in one sitting. Think of it as a free, short book rather than a long research paper. It’s all how you look at it, right?”


The one thing I can say is that this information WILL change your life…guaranteed!!!

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